Creating with some of the best…

Every once in a while, you find someone who loves something as much as you… Recently, I came together with some amazing local talent to create a Wedding Shoot made of couples dreams and it was fair to say, WE ALL LOVE OUR JOBS!!

It’s no secret that I love a good wedding morning with my beautiful brides but that is all it is, the morning. I have to watch out their day via images a few days later, I know right…I should totally be able to stay for the whole day, not even as a guest, imagine the strange girl in the corner, in awe of all the amazing talent coming together. Jokes aside, I totally love the Photographers Sneak Peaks, I could burst inside!! 

On this occasion, a small team came together to create images to tell a tale. The stunning Shireburn Arms opened their doors with a gorgeous wedding set up for us to create a wedding shoot. Every detail was perfectly planned. The Wedding Workshop added the most beautiful wedding stationary and welcoming sign of the newly weds, obvs they weren’t really a couple, but the pictures tell the story we want them to. The couple…just perfect!! The bride wore a stunning fitted gown from Orchid Design and the Grooms tailored suit by Attire of Clitheroe. We made plenty of use of the grounds, the stunning terrace and outdoor area were breathtaking. Set in the gorgeous countryside of the Ribble Valley, we captured the moments you would cherish. The cake….Ooohh who doesn’t love cake!! A Cake Occasion made a masterpiece. A semi naked, fresh flowers to decorate CAKE!! It looked effortlessly perfect. Perfect is definitely what I should have named this blog post. The Perfect Shoot by the Perfect Team. PERFECT!! There was no ends to out talents, even becoming Shepherds, to guide a little lost lamb out of a pen…I’m sure he just wanted to be on the pictures! The bouquet and flowers for the cake came from Victoria & Natalie flowers…my obsession with the flowers are as fixated as ever!! All colours, all types of flowers, the arrangements and the smell!!! All of this would not have been captured so beautifully if it wasn’t for Jane! Daisychain photography has the eye… THE EYE!! She had every angle covered, got in to bushes, climbed in to awkward positions for that perfect shot! Its amazing to see everything come together and then whats left…those pictures! Those PERFECT pictures!! It was lovely to be there thought the ‘wedding day’.  I know it was a shoot but I’m claiming the memories for real!! 

The model Bride, Hannah was effortlessly beautiful. For a Bride on her wedding day, my strongest advice is to look the best version of yourself. I mean, we all want our husband to be stood at the front of the alter in buckets of tears! Regardless of the six hours it took to actually get ready. You want to glide down that aisle like an angel, like you woke up like this, like you never had a bad hair day, ever!! This is the start of a new chapter. For Hannah, flawless skin and peached cheeks, not too much makeup! more of a no-makup makeup look, I know its doesn’t make sense to some but it does. Its still seeing those natural features, letting your skin be the off set of the rest of the makeup, if your skin is happy, your happy in your skin!! My go to on the eyes are mostly warm neutral colours, bronze, browns and golds. These compliment all eyes, enhancing the eye colour and can be used as a soft smoke or extra colour added for more glam. Hannah’s blue eyes looked a dream with a soft smoke and lashes. I blotted a pink Clinique gloss on the lips, for colour and to attract the natural glow from the outdoors to make the lips look pruned and kissable. Hannah has gorgeous blonde hair, to show the dress in its simplicity we had an up do. This was a style lots of my future brides have sent me for their trials. I love an up do. Its great for a sunny or rainy day, its shows of all the features of your face, shoulders and chest and gives the dress its glory! Fresh flowers enhances an up-style and creates a little more of an individual look. Gypsyphilia is the go to, its just looks effortless, (obvs there are other flowers on the market, I’m not sponsored by the gypsyphilia plant). All this came together to create the look I desired for my perfect bride. The images captured the look amazingly.

That was a rap…The shoot went like a dream!! A great Team and a great way to meet local suppliers. I love to support local businesses and recommend those I have had the pleasure of working with. I am so lucky, I get to meet all these people and call it WORK!! Without a doubt these Ladies will go the extra mile to help your wedding become the dream you have. We did nickname ourselves TeamAwesome for a reason!! (ohh and by team awesome, i had to cut the F part to keep it friendly). 

Happy Monday