I cannot believe it has been 8 months since my last blog!! How rude!! However I do believe I can be forgiven for the lack of hours I have received over the last couple of months, I’m sure I’ve blinked and its nearly Christmas! Between making up lots of beautiful brides, creating some stunning prom queens and casually hanging out with models, I have had little time to write. Now I have my writing jam back!

Today I bring you the newly refurbished website…!! The website has been live for over a year however has had a slight makeover and a bit of a rebrand!! I have my own website…say what??? I could never have dreamt this when I was 5, painting poor Barbie’s face with nail varnish…(yes that actually happened along with the Action Man…but we won’t admit that to the brother). 

Now that I have repented my sins, I decided the Mac and I have had little bonding time and therefore I should check in and tell you all what I’ve been doing!! The WEDDINGS!!! The BRIDES….and of course that one Bridesmaid who can’t quite believe she was asked to be a bridesmaid at a grown up wedding despite their age, generally because their still busy being amazing…and slightly daft!! From the very beginning, it starts with a message. A couple back and forth and a meeting is arranged, THE TRIAL!! The dreaded trial…noone quite does your makeup like you do despite admittedly only wearing mascara on good days but on this day you want to be an angel, a beautiful, natural, with makeup, goddess!! Whilst I admit I have quite the same conversations with these beautiful women it all comes down to the same look they desire, that’s where my favourite bit comes in. Sit back, relax, its only makeup…’nothing a little micellar water won’t remove’ and let me work my magic! Obviously my magic I mean, let me enhance those gorgeous eyes, frame your face brows and add that colour to you lips he won’t be able to resist. With a beating heart and a shaking hand a look in the mirror to a delighted…slightly teary bride! She can’t believe it! Im sure wings and a halo grow at this point but never the less, I have got it spot on for her, not too much, not to little but perfect. Now she wants to try on her dress and just get married….but wait!!! Its only the trial!! Quick ring round of the girls and away she goes of to the ball!! On the big day its slightly an emotional one for all, including myself, I’ve been known to stand behind a camera holding back the tears and getting that same moment the Bride had for her trial for all those involved. Nothing is more enjoyable and heartfelt than seeing the bride with her favourites surrounding her, making every moment count and being at their disposal ensuring the morning process runs as smoothly as possible, obviously theres always a hitch but nothing a glass of champagne won’t help. As I leave, the bride is dressed and ready to leave, my job here is done…now I’m left with a million wants to get married and have these same processes I have been able to be apart off however roll on the next bride and her wedding, this is sure to keep me out of wedding trouble! Weeks pass, more Brides and then of course that beautiful message with an image of the perfect bride on her wedding day! Nothing makes job satisfaction quite like it! Honoured is without a doubt the only word I can use to express my enjoyment of being apart of someones big day. Humble in every way! And it started with a little enquiry and now here we are!! Now I get to see these brides for the parties, occasions and as little as a cinema visit, just for a catch up…now I’m told no-one does my makeup quite like you do!!

My name…NIKKI WEBB, the name my parents gave me…(ok so it was Nicola), the makeup artist, the girl from a small town with admiration for big adventures…people are talking about me!! And its all good!! I’m absolutely loving the creativeness that comes when you put a couple of heads together, whether it be for the big day or a photoshoot! Watch this space…theres plenty more to come!! Now I’m ready for my winter brides…yayyy!!!

Keep your eye out for My Halloween Special… Happy Monday Guys 

Nikki xoxo

A year on….

So this day a year ago, I walked in to Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy to start the journey of my dreams!!

And WOW what a year it has been!! 

(It seemed fit to send my first blog on todays anniversary…I’m sentimental like that, at times!)

Walking in to the fresh new premises and feeling like a rabbit caught in headlights, I quickly learned my place there was soon to be recognised as my ‘makeup home’. Since completing the Fashion course, I have received amazing opportunities, including year end fashion shows and charity events. Theres so many opportunities and little time to rhyme them all off but lets just say sitting at home and flicking through the TV and stumbling across the show you worked on a couple weeks before was mind-blowing….not to mention casually walking around Manchester and being greeted by a billboard I had done the hair and makeup for. Words literally can’t describe the overwhelming feeling that came across. I swear I did a little leap in the air, I was definitely floating on cloud 9 for a while after. 

I couldn’t stay away from the academy for too long and went back to do the hair styling course and yes you got it another heap loads of opportunities!…I say staying away from the academy like I don’t visit often but truth be told, popping in for a quick catch up and a brew is like calling home for a natter! 

The years closed of with an amazing feature in a magazine (Elements Mag). Unlocking my front door and seeing the print on the floor…WOW!!! Tears, smiles, laughter and the urge to arrange test shoots and submit to every magazine for the next 24hours seemed outrageous but these were all the emotions and feelings of achievement! FINALLY, that sense of self, hard work, tiredness, everything that when you think you can’t carry on but you do…it was there, I felt it was paying off! 

The only thing now though is I wasn’t joking about submitting to every magazine and working even harder than ever before, heres to the 2nd, 3rd and every year on I’m living in MY DREAM!!! 

You can expect all things hair and makeup from my blog, bringing you tips, comparisons and new trends whenever I come across them!! Ill also share with you my latest events and shoots so stick around! 

Speak soon 

Nikki xxx