Red Carpet Look

Recently I had the pleasure of working alongside the Events Team at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy !! We had the pleasure of setting up our stations ready to glam the Hollyoaks cast, producers and media team ready for ITV’s The British Soap Awards 2017. 

This is big right, not only have I been a Hollyoaks fan for many years but I watch the Soap Awards religiously!! I had the absolute pleasure of having the gorgeous Nikki Sanderson in my chair. Nikki was such a beaut, she had just come back from her holidays so had naturally glowing bronzed skin and her freckles were delight! After a glimpse of the beautiful emerald sequin dress, we considered a natural look, bit of a flick and a nude lip…this was quickly dismissed when out of the corner of our eyes the emerald green glitter twinkled away! This was it!! A go all out glam, making the most of Nikki’s bronzed skin, we kept her freckles visible and added the magic dust to her eyes!! A simple pink lip made the look effortlessley perfect!! 

As much as this was an amazing experience it was bought more to life watching The Soap Awards a few nights later and seeing the cast as I usually do!! Just who would have thought taking that leap of faith a couple of years ago and rejoining my childhood dreams would bring me to this…

My dreams literally come true daily with my career, from wedding trials to weddings and special occasions to red carpet, each experience is overwhelming and constantly gets better!! I absolutely can not wait to see what the second half of 2017 has in store for me. 




Hey Beauts,

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting to grips with some new and old brands of brushes!! As a Makeup Artist I constantly get asked ‘what’s the best makeup to use?’ as well as customers having many of the brands available on the high street but cannot reach that ultimate finish a makeup artist portrays, straight away my advice is, ‘its not always about the makeup but more your Makeup Tools!!’ As the old saying goes ‘use the right tools for the right job’. Makeup Brushes are my obsession!! Anyone following me on Social Media sees this…I literally can’t get enough. 

I’ve carefully selected my faves for you all to get an idea where to make a start on updating your brush bag, I use these brushes for clients and for my very own face…

There is no better place to start than the base, I LOVE Cassie Lomas Brushes, they are a personal fave you’ll notice this throughout todays blog. I always apply by moisturiser and primer with my hands then dependent on the look I want for the skin will depend on the brush. ROXIE is amazingggg…she lightly coats the skin and buffs the products nicely, I get a beautiful no makeup/makeup look, she’s perfect for my every day use. Sassy and Helen give my that fuller coverage, simply perfect for my nights out and when I need a little extra coverage, they gently and perfectly sweep across your face leaving no harsh foundation lines or marks…noone likes a dodgy foundation!! My Lorac brush is perfect once I’ve applied my foundation to use as a clean brush over the top to add the flawless finish, just buffing the product in to the skin and giving the illusion of ‘I woke up like this’…yeah yeah I know, it actually takes a good 20 minutes to do my no makeup/makeup look!!

When I do makeup on clients, I always have a little check list going in my head, I like to work down the face once the base is done. So I always brush the eyebrow hairs up with a comb then with Cassie Lomas angled brush, Harry, I gently glide hair stroke motions throughout the brow to fill in any gaps. I perfect the shape using my Billy brush, this is a flat brush perfect for correction and for applying concealer. Billy is great, I have a couple of these I use as lip brushes, the shape is perfect whilst the hairs are strong enough to keep the colour compact. The Real Techniques range is amazing and available on the high street, this little orange gem is perfect for brushing over the skin, blending any concealer and foundation. If i need a brush in a rush with limited space, I pick the orange RT one as its an all round pleaser. 

Next the show stoppers, the first thing people comment on, the windows to your soul…the EYES!!! No-one can have enough eye makeup brushes. I have had lots over the years, eyeshadows go on perfectly with any brush brand, I do love the Beau Belle collection and E.L.F brushes. As long as the hairs are slightly more sable and stiff to be able to place the colour in to place they are perfect, however the perfection comes with the blenders. They really are little brushes sent from heaven when is comes to eyes. Avoid those harsh lines with the Crown and Cassie Lomas Brushes. There is actually nothing more satisfying as a Makeup Artist than a blending tool!!! Obviously a smokey eye often comes with a top eye liner. Get those ‘flicks on fleek’ with a straight thin brush. I find it so much easier to perfect a flick with a gentle flick of the hand using these style of brushes. This obviously comes with plenty of practice and many of scribbles over your face (we’ve all seen the videos) but once you have it….you have the power, you will feel like you can walk on the moon…Yayyy to us!!

I finish the skin with a contour using my Zoeva brush, which has confined hairs perfect for a cream contour, this keeps the cream where I want it. I ALWAYS set cream with powder, this often comes as a shock when I tell clients but A…you don’t want those harsh cream lines and B setting it with a powder will keep the makeup on for longer!! It’s simple maths…the more layers, obviously subtly, the better!! Cassie’s brushes, Charl and Emmy are perfect for this. Add any skin finish, bronzer or setting powder with a fluffy brush, this sweeps over the face easily without building up product. And for the cheeks, don’t forget to smile and get your apple cheeks prominent, I only brush over the apples for the colour not to blend in to the contour…we’ve done all that work and now don’t want to finish up having a flat looking colour all over your face, so a gentle dust over is just enough! Again its a Cassie Lomas brush or a Real Techniques…

Once you’ve applied the lip its the all important highlight!! It’s the latest trend, we all long for the glow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, my Ki-Ki Cassie Lomas Brush and Real Techniques fan brush. They both collect enough product, are soft but not to soft and are amazing for both cream and powder highlight!! These style of brushes are in all makeup stores at the minute, however these two are definitely my favourite!! 

Just to keep your little brush babies safe and sound, I adore the EMJ Company products, My ROXI brush belt always gets lots of compliments and is a great size for my billion, trillion brushes. 

It’s a long one today guys, I hope you find it helpful and can buy your brushes with more confidence. I look forward to your responses :) 

Happy Brush Buying 



Happy New Year Beauts <3 <3 <3

Happy New Year you Beautiful Humans!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fully enjoyed the festivities, I know I did! Now here’s to all the ‘new year new me’ malarky…For the last couple of years I have set new challenges instead of resolutions…(I can keep to them better and still have chocolate and wine). <3 <3 <3

So with that as I’m sure you’ll all agree we had a pretty awesome 2016, weddings, holidays, parties, special occasions, the list is endless! 2017 is one of my biggest years yet, I have been inundated with messages, enquiries and makeup questions which brings me to my first exciting new venture….

I will now be offering makeup lessons….yes you heard, actual real life makeup tutorials. You can bring your makeup bags and if you promise not to mess mine up, this won’t do well with my OCD, I will let you play nicely with mine <3 

Learn how to do makeup on your own face and experiment with new brands, techniques and the support from myself to create the desired look you just can’t grasp. This is specifically tailored to YOU so anything is possible!!

Now for my blog…I know I’m pretty rubbish at keeping on top of this but this is my heart felt plunge to make sure I keep in touch with you all…I am going to bring you the most amazing reviews on products from so many brands, high street to high end. I actually can’t think of anything better….I get to shop for new products, test them and update you all!! BEST PLAN EVER!!! Keep your eyes peeled for these and if you have any questions or any specific products you want to know about head over to my social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Looking forward to growing further with you over the year, be true to yourself, don’t take it too seriously and if all else fails…WING IT!!! 2017…WERE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

Nikki xoxox